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The future of events.

We know, from our decades of experience, that nothing compares to in-person connections when it comes to getting inspired and doing business. We’re busy creating the next generation of events using data-driven insights and the latest technology to supercharge the opportunities we provide to our customers. 
The future of events.

Out with serendipity, in with productivity.

There's a science to getting the right people in the same place at the same time. Now, we're developing our formula to take the luck out of meeting the right people, and ensuring our customers make the connections that could change everything.
Out with serendipity, in with productivity.

Connecting at scale.

We are rolling out the largest one-on-one meetings programmes in history. Powered by technology and our intrinsic knowledge of their industries, we are helping our customers to grow, solve problems and innovate. At our latest Shoptalk, we facilitated more than 50,000 meetings in a space the size of six football fields.
Connecting at scale.

Relentless innovation.

We are constantly exploring, testing and embedding new products and technologies across our events to help our customers expand their networks. Whether it's through one of our Connect programmes, a TableTalk or a fully online Meetup event, we are connecting industry ecosystems in new and innovative ways. 
Relentless innovation.

Data-driven insights.

From making sure the right people are in the room, to curating the most inspiring content agendas, to helping solve the biggest issues of a sector, our deep understanding of our customers' ecosystems ensures our events answer all of their questions, even the ones they didn't know they had. 
Data-driven insights.

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    03 Nov 23
    Test 2
    01 Nov 23
    09 Oct 23
    Professional networks hold the ticket to future success according to UK workers
    New research reveals that a third of professionals are worried about job security, leading more than half to lean on their professional networks more.
    21 Sep 23
    Hy, my name is Rocquan
    Meet Rocquan Lucas, our incredible VP, Content for Groceryshop.
    07 Sep 23
    We declared August 25th as a global Hyve Wellbeing Day
    On Hyve's global Wellbeing Day, all colleagues were given the day off to focus on nurturing their mental and physical health, and were encouraged to prioritise self-care above all else.
    29 Aug 23
    HIRING: Portfolio Director, Bett
    We're looking for an exciting leader to develop and grow Hyve's prized EdTech events - Bett UK, Ahead by Bett, Connect@Bett and Bett Asia, plus future new launches.
    16 Aug 23
    Announcing Pure London x JATC - the UK's one-stop fashion event
    Pure London and Just Around the Corner unite to create Europe’s most inspiring and diverse celebration of fashion.
    15 Aug 23
    Hy, my name is Jo
    Meet Jo Clisby, our brilliant and trusted CRM Administrator.
    02 Aug 23
    5 questions with Sheila Santana
    Sheila works in our Sao Paulo office in Brazil, and leads a talented team of people working on Bett Brasil's marketing. Let's find out more about her...
    01 Aug 23
    South Asian Heritage Month: In conversation with Sharin Raja
    This year's theme is “Stories to Tell”, an opportunity for us to celebrate the stories that make up South Asian's diverse and vibrant community. As we reflect, we could ask ourselves: Which moments in our lives have moulded the individuals we are today? What valuable lessons have we learned through our experiences? Meet Sharin Raja, Customer Marketing Manager, and founding member of EmbRACE.
    01 Aug 23
    Hy, my name is Jennie
    Meet Jennie Kwan, our fantastic Head of Creative for our Retail, Manufacturing, and Engineering portfolio.
    28 Jul 23
    Cheers to 25 years - celebrating an extraordinary milestone
    We are thrilled to honor one of our most cherished team members, Chris Roberts, for an incredible milestone - 25 years with the company.
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